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Monday, March 26, 2012



3 Footprints:

Nicholas Nick said...

Sorry dear i've just got to read your post. :( Sorry to have been ignorant and lost in world for the while. I'm pretty sure you've been through alot, and please dont mind to share them like what we used to do. Look up high, look to the future, there's so much bright stuffs. Leave the unwanted behind, there's a reason you know they failed you. God wants you to know before there's too much more okay. Live the future life, dont bring those those who cant fill your cup of joy.

Duncan said...

So this is the reason why u r in bad mood these days. For some people, mayb they r juz a passer-by who passing through ur life and become a past tense afterwards. Let the past be the past. Remember, u r not alone.

Anonymous said...

Give it up and move on. There'll be someone better for you. Live for tomorrow. Be happy.


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